About Marilee

Thoughts warrior is the result of a global pandemic inner reflection and refocusing of my life. It is a culmination of lessons I have learned, responses to current issues, and just random thoughts running thru my head while biking or driving aimlessly in the evenings.  Things that I would like to pass down or share.
Shifu Kanishka Sharma said, "You train to become a Warrior, not a fighter.  The Warrior knows the hell he can let loose, so he chooses the path of peace and respect."  As a martial artist one is taught that the likelihood of ever using the art to defend oneself in everyday life.  However knowing one has the skills if necessary is a powerful weapon.  Like thoughts and words, which can be used as powerful tools to unleash chaos, they too can be harnessed to promote peace and respect. To teach and to pass on.
Shifu Kanishka Sharma

But, just who is she?

Now, that we know what Thoughts Warrior is, how did 'she' come about?

Marilee Curran is a writer with a fighting spirit.  One who tries to balance her life through actions and words.  She is a daughter, sibling, mother, lover, friend, who strives to care for those she loves, while journeying on a quest of self discovery of who she is.  She strives to make peace from chaos, kindness from greed, compassion from fear. She balances the dancer and the martial artist.

Marilee Curran -The Thoughts Warrior

She is me.