Happy Mother’s Day

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The Tulip
The Tulip symbolizes deep or perfect love. There is no love that rivals the love a mother has for her children.
The petals of the tulip are delicate to the touch and fragile to the touch, much like a mother’s heart when they watch their child struggle and grow. A heart that can break at any moment, not from disappointment, but from the realization that your child needs to struggle in order to learn and grow, and they will get hurt along the way. But a mother’s love will always stay with them. Much like a tulip, that is planted, and continues to spring up year after year.
Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and stepmom’s (heaven and earth). My sisters and sister-in-laws, we raised our children together.
Also, Happy Mother’s Day to those who provided me with positive role models: my mother-in-law, my aunts, cousins, and older friends.
Happy Mother’s Day to my friends, far and wide.
Have a beautiful day!
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