Reflections of the Past

Reflection On The Past

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I am sitting in one of the most beautiful spots I’ve ever known. With a majestic view of Mt. Kearsarge and memories that have lasted a lifetime. I packed my bike on the car’s rack this evening and rode thru the streets of New London. Then came on to the campus I love so much. 36 years ago I entered Colby Sawyer as a Freshman. I knew a handful of people I met on the Freshman trip but was a long way from my family and friends. I rode past Austin. In my first dorm, the tree I sat in to get away from everything is gone but the memories linger.

Little did I know 36 years ago the impact this school would have on my life.

I rode on the quad, past Best where I would spend 2 years before heading to Europe. Abbey dorm, where back when Windy Hill School was housed in the basement. I worked every morning at preschool. Returning many evenings to pick up children I would babysit. I stopped and said a silent prayer for Susie Blair. Our classmate was killed on 9/11 in the twin towers. We were a small school then, 76 in our graduating class. Sawyer Center, where I performed with the Dance Company and the Jelly Bean players. Working with Tomie DePaola and the converted barn that is the library.

I met my husband at the end of my Freshman year and together we had 2 amazing boys, who consequently, led me back to CSC 22 years later. I remember walking in with Brendan that first day and being greeted by Dr. Taylor with these words “years ago I entrusted my 1st born to you at Windy Hill, it’s only right you entrust yours to me”. I graduated 2x from CSC and stood proudly as both boys received their diplomas, with professors we shared and Mike, who started the cafeteria when I was a freshman, standing with them.

It’s scary that such a vibrant college is empty. Even in summer, the campus is bustling with summer activities for the town. I pray that these things we take for granted do not fade as memories. I listen to the birds twittering away but I hear laughter, singing, children playing. Sometimes to make peace with the present, it is good to visit the past.

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