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Behind The Lens

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Never underestimate a woman who loves a photographer, and was born in October.

In actuality, the tee-shirt that appeared in the Facebook ad said photography, not a photographer. I saw the latter. They should have only added wine in their algorithm I would be fully convinced Facebook is listening. Yes, I am in love with a photographer who is teaching me to love photography.  However, I am learning more than apertures and perspective. I am learning more about the man behind the lens.  He finds beauty in the simplest of nature and life.  Modern society tends to overlook beauty in its simple form.

The art of photography has been around since the 1800s.

Unlike paintings, photography captures a precise moment and freezes it in time.  It is an art form that has evolved and can present our world instantaneously. There are still some cultures that believe that a photograph steals the soul, however, I feel the photographer can see past the soul, see the life force of what is being photographed. The photographer can see the beauty in nature that the average person cannot or chooses to ignore.

Photography is an art form that requires the ability to see beyond our eyes.

What is seen beyond the lens?  Most times a true photographer can’t tell you what he sees differently.   As a writer in love with a photographer, I can tell you my observations. Lighting is key. You can photograph the same image, but if the lighting is wrong it can look dead.  In the fall, before the accident, we traveled through NH and VT, visiting relatives and taking photographs.  We drove up the highest mountain in Vt. and stood on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. He would crawl into crevices, and balance on ledges to get the perfect shot.

As I watched this man I began to see what he saw.  I began to see beyond the lens.  During our travels, we met a family from Boston, whose elderly parents were visiting from India.  They were trying to get a nice photo of their mom sitting on old farm equipment in a pumpkin patch.  He walked over and respectfully made some suggestions, shot a few photos, and spent hours perfecting the photo to send back to the family.  The resulting photo captured a matriarch who was confident and proud of the family she had brought into the world.

From gorges to Porsches, and a particularly interesting photoshoot of my dad and his bride-to-be. Not to mention an infamous ginger bush.

"Ginger Bush" by Photographer, David Cate

“Ginger Bush” by Photographer, David Cate

Sometimes I would just watch from the car as he stood on the side of the road.  What looked like a wide-open field with a building in it, turned into rolling hills.  Milkweed on the side of the road, sprung to life as he caught the seeds blowing on the wind.  As we traveled I saw more of the man behind the lens.  He awakened my curiosity and desire to look closer at what is around me.  I can capture feelings with words, can I capture life with my eyes?

Looking forward to future exploring with this amazing photographer.

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