The Phoenix

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“And just as the phoenix rose from the ashes, she too will rise. Returning from the flames, clothed in nothing but her strength, more beautiful than ever before”.  Shannen Heartzs It’s your birthday today.  I won’t lie, the past few days have probably been the hardest.  I can’t sleep, I can barely function.  A friend of ours told me Monday, that she was worried about me because …


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“Are you ok”? I may tell you, yes, but inside I am screaming in agony.  I am trying to get through a day without letting on to the world the pain I feel.  Life, plans, daily routine, have come to a screeching halt.  I may be going about the motions of work, conversation, daily needs but I am not ok.  I am trying to …

No Words

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Several months ago I started a blog post entitled “When Your Bestie Says It’s Going to Hurt!” The story behind it was a phone call I received one afternoon at work from my best friend.  It went like this: “instead of a walk at lunch, how about you get out early, I made us an appointment”.  I replied, sure.  That was my first mistake.  …

What A Mother Wants

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What does Mom want for Mother’s Day? It’s Mother’s Day and the question comes up, what to get mom for Mother’s Day.  The answer is so simple and often overlooked.  I am your mom.  I don’t want trinkets, cards or flowers, although always appreciated.  I don’t need to spend a day to myself in a spa, nor do I need you to make special …

"Behind The Lens" Blog Post by Marille Curran | Photographer David Cate

Behind The Lens

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Never underestimate a woman who loves a photographer, and was born in October. In actuality, the tee-shirt that appeared in the Facebook ad said photography, not a photographer. I saw the latter. They should have only added wine in their algorithm I would be fully convinced Facebook is listening. Yes, I am in love with a photographer who is teaching me to love photography.  However, I am …

truest love poem

Truest Love

The Thoughts Warrior Poetry

When the waves of the ocean crash on the shore, I long the feel of your touch once more. The gentle cooing of a dove, Reminds me of your peace, your love. This beating heart shall never rest, Since God has given us love to test. Walking together with weary feet, We were destined for our souls to meet. A love that many often …

stone house

Building A Home

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To Build A Home The Cinematic Orchestra There is a house built out of stoneWooden floors, walls, and window sillsTables and chairs are worn by all the dustThis is a place where I don’t feel aloneThis is a place where I feel at home. ‘Cause I built a homeFor youFor me Until it disappearedFrom meFrom youAnd now it’s time to leave and turn to …