Veterans Day

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The 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month
I could think of no better place to honor our Veterans and the memory of my grandfather who passed away 48 years ago today. He was an Army Veteran of WWII. This morning I re-read the letters my great aunt had preserved and my cousin passed on to me, that he wrote while overseas. To read these short letters means so much to me. I don’t have many memories of my grandfather when he was able to communicate. He had a stroke when I was 5 and passed away 16 months later.
We are currently living in a time where many want to do away with our history. We can not erase the past. It is meant for us to learn from and grow. Throughout time man has conquered man. Romans, Vikings, English, Native American Tribes, African Tribes. They have enslaved their conquered “enemies”. We can not erase it by tearing down statues, banning books and movies, and eliminating words from our language. We can change it by treating others with kindness, respect, and as living creatures.
The only race and group of people responsible for slavery, wars, and destruction is the HUMAN RACE. Collectively and throughout history. Our ancestors have been trying to change for years. We have succeeded for short periods to bring peace to the world, at least we do not forget their actions and sacrifices.
God, yes God, whichever God or higher power you believe in, bless those who have stood up and continue to stand up, to bring peace to this world. Someday maybe we will achieve it.
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