Twin Flame

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David gave me another challenge.  Pick the 1 photo that I took to summarize our 1 year together.  This may seem like a simple task, but unfortunately, I can’t do it.  We have had so many adventures this past year, that I have captured, I just can’t pick one.  He on the other hand probably has designed an entire portfolio.  Therefore, I decided to stick to what I am good at, writing, to mark our one year.

Life is an adventure, meant to be shared

July 17, 2020, my bestie drove me to Logan Airport.  We were amid a global pandemic, told to stay home, definitely not fly, but she never judges.  Especially when I am doing something very uncharacteristic of me.  Miss “Play It Safe”, after 6 years of self-isolation, was ready for a change.   Almost nightly for 3 months, we had been chatting about mutual friends, our parents, our kids, our thoughts and fears on the virus, riots, and life.  However, we didn’t quite know each other yet and he had become my “normal” in an increasingly abnormal world. We semi-joked about divine intervention but felt there was something more.  I had felt some type of connection almost 3 years prior when we had remet.

There I was at Logan Airport, only a handful of people, 4 actually, knew of our plans.  I had recruited my college roommate to pick me up at the airport and spend some time until David was able to get out of work.  Flying is not my favorite pass time but I was ready to make a go of it.  PJ and I spent the afternoon at Disney Springs before she dropped me off at the hotel.  He would be there by 8.

From the moment we hugged, I felt I had found a piece of me that had been missing.  Our connection was so powerful and natural, that at dinner, complete with spilled wine and lots of talking, we were asked by the “Keebler People”, (yes, that is correct, no they were not elves.), at the next table asked how long we had been together.  They were shocked when we explained it was our first date, however, we had been “missing” each other through serendipity for over 37 years.

Twin flame

Soulmate has often been the term to describe a person who is the other half of your soul.  However, we aren’t born split in two.  We are born with a twin flame, who is our mirror opposite. Throughout life’s journey, you are fated to meet this person.  A natural magnetic force will pull and there is a sense of recognition.  This person carries the other half of your energy and creates a sense of wholeness. Since we have been together, I feel a sense of completeness in my life.  We balance each other’s insecurities/weaknesses and enhance and build each other’s strengths.  We can enjoy our passions while sharing them and learning from each other.

During the year where most people locked themselves indoors, we have adventured out on trails, in Kayaks, cars, mountain tops, and lakes.  We have gone from kayaking with gators in St. Cloud, Fl. to the cold, foggy summit of Mt. Washington.  Vermont fields and lake, Boston, Orlando, the coast of Maine.  Marking more adventures in our time together than I have in the past 8 years.  All the while growing together in love and oneness with ourselves and each other.

He is my North, South, East and West.  My grounding force in this world where I have never felt completely whole.  He is my mirror and my rock.  I am looking forward to our adventures to come.


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