truest love poem

Truest Love

The Thoughts Warrior Poetry

When the waves of the ocean crash on the shore,
I long the feel of your touch once more.
The gentle cooing of a dove,
Reminds me of your peace, your love.

This beating heart shall never rest,
Since God has given us love to test.
Walking together with weary feet,
We were destined for our souls to meet.

A love that many often seek,
One made for the strong and not the meek.
A love held forever true,
That is what i have for you.

In this time when all seems grave,
I must stand tall, i must be brave.
My heart holds true and does not break,
But for you it does surely ache.

I want for you to never leave,
In your heart, trust, believe.
That my love for you is true,
And i will always be with you.

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