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Cheryl,  I had the honor of photographing your sweet Mariana today. At first, I felt guilty and melancholic for I would get to do what was taken from you.  For I would hold her in my arms and gaze upon her face. Pictures were wrapped up and we were getting ready to leave.  Mariana, who had stayed awake throughout, was sleeping peacefully.  My man …

Today I Walked Among Them

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Today I walked among them.  Standing in rows and columns, spaced precisely apart.  Straight at attention, in death, as they were in life. Twice a day for the past 7.5 years I have passed them.  They silently peer out at me as I drive by.  Surrounded by flowers and flags, as neatly spaced as they are.   They are warmed by the heat of the …

Hope - Don't Lose Yourself

Hope – Don’t Lose Yourself

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On May 7th my boss sent me an invite to join in a zoom meeting with Frank DeAngelis. Mr. DeAngelis was the principal of Columbine High School 21 years ago, during the Columbine shooting. He was guest speaking at a meeting for our Long Term Care providers. I was stressed with the workload of converting our office to operating remotely and being a calming …