A Small Dose Of Kindness

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Every day people turn on their social media, and are flooded with human beings being nasty to one another. During lockdowns and mask mandates I found myself a target of nastiness daily.  Politics are another big trigger.  Why can’t human beings accept the fact that we are all different?  Our upbringings, our beliefs, and our ability to think are what makes us human, it …

No Words

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Several months ago I started a blog post entitled “When Your Bestie Says It’s Going to Hurt!” The story behind it was a phone call I received one afternoon at work from my best friend.  It went like this: “instead of a walk at lunch, how about you get out early, I made us an appointment”.  I replied, sure.  That was my first mistake.  …

butterfly on flower

Butterflies and Bees

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Yesterday I took a walk on campus during lunchtime. In the peacefulness of the grounds, surrounded by apple trees, butterflies, and bumblebees, it is easy to forget the ugly history of the campus and what lies beneath its grounds.  The world has always struggled with how to treat those whose minds have betrayed them. The true mentally ill are often as locked away from …